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  • D-Tagatose Manufacturer China
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D-Tagatose is an excellent functional monosaccharide.

  • CAS No.: 87-81-0
  • Apperance: White Crystalline Powder
  • Malecular Formula:C16H12O6
  • Molecular Weight: 180.16
  • HS Code: 29400090

What is D-Tagatose ?

D-Tagatose is a naturally occurring monosaccharide, a “differential isomer” of fructose, which is widely present in the form of trace elements in milk, yogurt, cheese, cocoa and fruit. Tagatose can be obtained artificially from lactose in milk by enzymatic conversion, which is a new healthy food raw material.Its crystal sweetness, appearance and use are nearly the same as sucrose, and the sweetness is 92% of sucrose. Its taste is more pure, no sour taste of sucrose in the mouth, the heat is only 1/3 of sucrose, and 80% is not absorbed by the human body.

As an excellent functional sugar, Tagatose has the advantages of low caloric value, low GI value, inhibition of postprandial blood glucose surge, reduction of glycated protein index (HbA1C), regulation of intestinal flora, improvement of intestinal function, anti-caries and anti-oxidation. Tagatose is the only sugar substitute product that has completed the phase III clinical trial with exact sugar control effect, and has been approved by major economies in the world as safe food, new food raw materials, new food ingredients, sugar control functional health food, pharmaceutical excipients, etc.

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Product Details

D-Tagatose Crystalline Powder 99%

High purity D-tagatose crystal can be used for health food raw materials, medicine excipients, functional food drinks, health wine, middle and high level yogurt, mixed sugar powder and other fields.

D-Tagatose Liquid 90%

D-Tagatose liquid products are affordable and can satisfy most beverages, juices, milk tea,baked goods, snacks, etc. Using liquid products, you can use the tag-sugar blocking function while saving food purchase cost and energy cost (no melting, syrup added directly).

D-Tagatose Liquid 75%

D-Tagatose liquid products are affordable and can satisfy most beverages, juices, milk tea,baked goods, snacks, etc. Using liquid products, you can use the tag-sugar blocking function while saving food purchase cost and energy cost (no melting, syrup added directly).

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D-Tagatose is Extremely Safe

D-Tagatose is approved in major economies as a food rather than a food additive, and is listed in packaging as an ingredient rather than an additive.

The United States has approved tagatose as a medical excipient to be added to cough syrups, chewable antibiotics, throat lozenges, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine, children’s medicine and other medicine. In South Korea, tagatose is used in sugar control functional health food, it is also approved as a pharmaceutical excipient.

D-tagatose Sugar Control Efficacy

D-tagatose Has Significant Sugar Control Efficacy

The US FDA approved the use of type II diabetes population as subjects, completed a randomized cross-double-blind phase III clinical study on the efficacy of tagatose sugar control, and mainly found three scientific conclusions:

  • Tagatosediet intervention can effectively inhibit the blood sugar spike in type II diabetes patients after eating starch and other foods.
  • Effective dose. The research team’s clinical study found that the effective dose of tagatoseto maintain the sugar control effect is 7.5 grams per day.
  • Eating tagatosefor 8 weeks can significantly reduce the protein index. 15 grams a day, three times a day, 8 weeks later the glycosylated protein index (HBA1C) was significantly decreased. Tagatose, as a functional food raw material with the same origin as food and medicine, is not resistant to drugs, and the longer you take it, the better the effect.

The scientific mechanism of Tagatose sugar control is mainly realized through two ways:

  • inhibiting the absorption of glucose from carbohydrate conversion by disaccharide hydrolase in the small intestine;
  • Tagatose helps to convert glucose into glycogen more quickly by enhancing the activity of glucokinase in the liver.

Repeated clinical studies in different countries have shown that tagatose is an effective single agent for the adjuvant treatment of many targets of type II diabetes, so tagatose is also approved as a pharmaceutical excipient in the United States and South Korea.

D-Tagatose Can Regulate Intestinal Flora As A Prebiotic

80% of the tagatose ingested by the human body is not absorbed by the small intestine, and this part of the tagatose that is not absorbed enters the colon and large intestine as the probiotic feed, which promotes the proliferation of probiotics while inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. At the same time, a large number of short-chain fatty acids produced by tagatose metabolism can effectively maintain the health of intestinal function as nutritional elements of intestinal epithelial cells.

A large number of studies at home and abroad have shown that tagatose plays a good role in alleviating colon inflammation, preventing colon cancer and promoting probiotic proliferation. Therefore, tagatose can significantly improve intestinal flora and maintain intestinal functional health.

D-Tagatose Regulate Intestinal Flora As A Prebiotic
D-Tagatose The Health Of Heart And Blood Vessels

D-Tagatose Can Maintain The Health Of Heart And Blood Vessels

Studies have shown that tagatose can effectively reduce the content of low density lipoprotein and total cholesterol in the blood, so tagatose has the function of adjuvant treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Us FDA approves tagatose anti-triglyceride preclinical trial.

The glucose-controlling ability of tagatose and its catalytic role in promoting the transfer of glucokinase from nucleus to cytoplasm make it useful for the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.

In addition, tagatose can enhance key blood factors, such as enhancing red blood cell count and prothrombin time, activating partial thromboplastin time, and so on, which is beneficial to blood health.

D-Tagatose Tastes Close to Sucrose

With a sweetness of 92% of sucrose, tagose is very close to sucrose in taste, and does not have the sour taste of sucrose under the action of oral digestive enzymes. It can be added to most foods that need sweetness, and can also be combined with other sweeteners to modify the metallic bitter, astringent or herbal bitter taste.

D-Tagatose Tastes Close to Sucrose
D-Tagatose Non-Caries

D-Tagatose Is Low Gi, Low Calorie, Non-Caries

D-Tagatose has a GI of only 3 and sucrose has a GI of 68, and tagatose blocks the body’s own intake of starch-converted glucose. FDA approved the addition of tagatose toothpaste, mouthwash can be marked in the outer packaging of non-caries.

D-Tagatose Uses

D-Tagatose Used In Dairy Products
D-Tagatose Used In Dairy Products

Tagatose widely exists in nature in dairy products such as milk and yogurt, and the raw material is also from lactose. Its addition will make the dairy industry, which is based on the concept of natural, health and safety, become more excellent in quality, highlighting the health function while having the same good taste as sugar.

Tagatose can increase the number of viable bacteria of lactobacillus and bifidobacterium in yogurt, in addition, as a prebiotic, it can also improve intestinal flora and relieve constipation. Users can not only satisfy the nutritional absorption and taste, but also have the functional experience of controlling sugar and regulating intestinal flora. The binding energy of tagatose and dairy products perfectly presents the synergistic effect of 1+1 greater than 2, which can be used for the elderly milk powder, pure milk and yogurt and other dairy products.

D-Tagatose Used In Drink
D-Tagatose Used In Healthy Food and Drink

Due to the low GI and low calorie properties of tagatose, it can be used in sports food, energy drinks, health drinks, chocolate, baking, desserts, ice cream and other food drinks.

Adding 1% tagatose to low energy drinks can produce better taste, improve bad flavor, reduce bitterness, and harmonize sweetness. Tagatose can obviously improve the bad flavor brought by the use of high sweetness sweeteners in milk blended drinks, and bring a very good taste experience. Tagatose can also be added to red wine, health wine, taste very good. At the same time, many consumers react to drink before taking tagatose, alcohol will increase, about this point needs further research and development of commercial applications, can also be used with small packaging table wine as a wine companion.

D-Tagatose Used In Health Food and Pharmaceutical Excipients
D-Tagatose Used In Health Food and Pharmaceutical Excipients

Tagatose can be used as raw material to control sugar, regulate intestinal flora health food, probiotic products, and can also be used for pharmaceutical excipients and functional food raw materials export.

D-Tagatose Used in Baked Food
D-Tagatose Used in Baked Food

The addition of tagatose to baked goods has excellent performance: 1, the Maillard reaction is faster. Adding 1% tagatose to bread products can shorten the coloring time by a quarter, and the effect is very expressive when added to products that need to be colored. For cereals that need to be baked at low temperatures or quickly, tagatose is a very good choice. 2. Superior performance in place of sucrose. When 1% tagatose was added to high-sugar bread and a third less sucrose was added, there was no significant change in taste.

D-Tagatose Used As Compound Sugar
D-Tagatose Used As Compound Sugar

D-Tagalose can be combined with erythritol, xylitol and arabinose to make up for the shortcomings of large amounts of such sugar alcohols that cause diarrhea. The combination of a small amount of tagatose with high-power sweeteners such as podoside, stevioside, sucralose and acesulhoney can achieve a synergistic effect, and eliminate the undesirable after-taste such as metallic taste, bitter taste, astringent taste and Chinese medicine taste produced by high-power sweeteners, and greatly improve the taste of beverages.

D-Tagatose Used In Chewing Gum
D-Tagatose Used in Chewing Gum

The addition of small doses of tagata sugar to chewing gum can extend the sweetness time and produce special flavor, which can be added to chewing gum or used as icing. Adding more than 15% can produce a flavor like peppermint oil and fruit, but also enhance the flavor of peppermint oil, highlighting some of the acidity in the fruit flavor, but does not increase the gum viscosity.

D-Tagatose Used In Meat Products
D-Tagatose Used In Meat Products

Tagatose cannot be used by pathogenic bacteria that may cause spoilage, such as E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. If it is added to meat products, it can play the function of carbohydrates and prevent microbial contamination.

D-Tagatose Used As Family Sugar Substitute
D-Tagatose Used As Family Sugar Substitute

Family sugar Substitute, a can of tagatose can solve the needs of the whole family: Meet the needs of grandparents to control blood sugar and regulate intestinal flora; Meet the needs of parents for low calorie and low GI weight loss and fitness; Children eat sweets while preventing tooth decay.

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