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  • Gelatin Manufacturer China
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  • Gelatin Manufacturer China
  • Gelatin 25kg package



  • Gelling Agent
  • Foaming
  • Film Forming
  • Thickening Agent
  • Emilfifying
  • Stabilizing

What is Gelatin ?

Gelatin is a natural protein that is obtained from collagen. It is mainly found in the connective tissues, skin and bones of animals, including cattle and pigs.

How is gelatin made? Collagen is obtained by braising the tissues of these animals, which is then processed and purified into forms suitable for cooking and a variety of other applications.

Gelatin is widely used in food, candy, frozen food, meat products, beverages, food coatings and so on. It mainly plays the role of gel, thickening, stabilizing, laminating and so on. It can also be found in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and photographic products.

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Gelatin By Application Fields

Food grade Gelatin

Food grade gelatin is pale yellow to yellow in appearance. It has excellent colloidal viscosity, emulsibility and stability. Can be used in cotton candy, aspic, yogurt, ham, sausage, canned, candy, ice cream and other food industry.

Photographic Gelatin

Photographic gelatin is one of the important materials for the production of photographic materials. Because of its unique physical and chemical properties, it has been used as a carrier in silver salt photographic materials. Widely used in the production of various film, film, medical X-ray film, printing film, photographic paper and other photographic industry.

Pharmaceutical Gelatin

Pharmaceutical Gelatin is made of animal bone as raw material, through complex physical and chemical treatment of high protein, easy to be absorbed by the human body, has the characteristics of high viscosity, high freezing force, easy to freeze and others. For its varieties of characteristics such as gel, solid water, cohesiveness and solubility,  it has widely uses  in the pharmaceutical industry, such as hard capsules, soft capsules ,coating, tablets , plasma substitute and softgel.

Industrial Gelatin

Industrial gelatin is made from animal skin and bone, used in match heads, adhesive and other fields.

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Gelatin By Raw Material Resource

  • Skin Gelatin

    Skin Gelatin can be subdivided into cow skin gelatin, pig skin gelatin, chicken skin gelatin, fish skin gelatin and so on. Fish scale gelatin is a gelatin extracted from fish scale in recent years.

  • Bone Gelatin

    The main raw material of bone gelatin is bone granules, which come from cow bone or pig bone . Our bone gelatin occupies high market share.

Gelatin By Manufacturing Technique

  • Acid-Process Gelatin

    Also called Type A Gelatin. The raw material will be treated with acid.

  • Alkaline-Process Gelatin

    Also called Type B Gelatin. The raw material will be treated with acid.

  • Enzymatic Gelatin

    This process shorts the production cycle, consumes less water and sewage, has low cost and high yield.

Full Certificates

  • ISO 9001
  • FSSC 22000
  • ISO 14001
  • EDQM-CEP (COS and TSE)
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gelatin in ice cream
Gelatin In Frozen Food

Gelatin is used as a gelling agent in frozen food, because of its low melting point, it can be used to make meal gels, food gels and so on.

Gelatin can also be used in the production of ice cream and ice cream to stabilize the shape of the product and reduce the melting speed. The recommended supplemental dose is 1.25% to 1.6%.

gelatin in meat products
Gelatin In Meat Products

Gelatin is used as the stabilization, thickening and gelling  in meat products.

In the processing of meat products, gelatin is used as a gelling agent, such as canned ham, picnic food, mouth and other meat gelling. In addition, as a ham roll, it is used for bonding and absorbing juices from products made from minced meat.

Gelatin added in low and mid-range sausage, small intestine, egg rolls, lunch meat and other tank products, can also be used as the matrix of artificial meat, such as 10% crude soybean defatted protein and 10% gelatin as emulsifier emulsified fat meat, and then replace part of the lean meat emulsion, not only to ensure the nutrition of the product, but also to solve the problem of poor elasticity of the product due to less lean meat.

gelatin in beverage
Gelatin In Beverages

Gelatin can be used in the production of beer, fruit wine, fruit juice, rice wine, fruit juice, etc., to play a clarifying role. The amount of addition in different beverages varies.

Gelatin in Edible Packaging Film
Gelatin In Edible Packaging Film

Gelatin film is also known as edible packaging film, biodegradable film. It has been proved that gelatin film has good tensile strength, heat sealing, high gas resistance, oil resistance and moisture resistance.

gelatin in capsule (1)
Gelatin In Capsules For Medicines

Gelatin can be used to make hard and soft capsules and coats of various medicines.

gelatin in Photographic Film (1)
Gelatin In Photographic Film

Gelatin has unique physical and chemical properties, is used as a silver salt photosensitive material carrier, is one of the three major materials in the production of photosensitive materials, there is no substance that can fully replace gelatin. It is used in all kinds of film, roll film, medical X-ray film, photographic paper and other photographic industries.

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