Will Gellan Gum Cause Allergy Symptoms ?

Allergies can be triggered by a wide range of materials and substances. Common food allergens include:

(1) Cereals and products containing gluten;

(2) Eggs and their Products

(3) Crustaceans and crustacean products;

(4) peanuts and their products;

(5) Soybeans and their products

(6) Milk and its products

(7) Mustard and its products

(8) Nuts, almonds, cashews and their products;

(9) Sesame seeds and their products;

(10) celery and its products;

(11) Mollusks and their products;

(12) Lentils and their Products

(13) Fish and products thereof;

(14) SO2, sulfite > 10ppm

Gellan gum is a kind of exopolysaccharide. When it’s produced , vegetable protein will be used , such as soybean powder or pea powder. According to above information, soybean and their product will cause allergy. Professionchem is a professional gellan gum manufacturer in China. According to our repeated tests, for gellam gum by using soybean, allergen residues are almost nonexistent. Certainly , you can also choose the gellan gum produced by using pea powder.


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