Gellan Gum Property: Solubility,Structure, Melting Point, Source

Gellan Gum Solubility :

Gellan gum is not soluble in non-polar organic solvents, nor in cold water, but it can be dispersed in water with a little stirring, and dissolved into a transparent solution after heating, and formed a transparent and solid gel after cooling.

Gellan Gum Structure:

high acyl gellan gum structurelow acyl gellan gum structure

Gellan Gum Melting Point:

Gellan Gum’s gelling temperature range is 20-50 ° C , and melting temperature range is 60-120 ° C.

Using 0.2% gellan gum gelling solution containing 0.03% calcium ions, the melting temperature  can be as high as 120℃ or more.

Gellan Gum Plant Source:

Gellan gum is not derived from plants; instead, it is produced through microbial fermentation of saccharides.

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