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  • L-Threonine Manufacturer China
  • L-Threonine 25kg bag

L-threonine Feed Grade

CAS  No.:72-19-5

Molecular Weight:119.12

Molecular Formula:C4H9NO3

Purity: 98.5%Min

Annual Capacity: 100,000+MT

What is L-Threonine

What is L-threonine ?

Threonine was isolated and identified from fibrin hydrolyzate by W.C.Rose in 1935. There are four isomers of threonine, and L-threonine exists naturally and has physiological effects on the body. L-threonine is an essential amino acid. When added to the feed of juvenile piglets and poultry, it is the second limiting amino acid in pig feed and the third limiting amino acid in poultry feed.

Production Processes

L-threonine is produced from cornstarch and other raw materials through liquid submerged fermentation and refining. The flowing chart is as this photo .

Production Process for L-Threonine
L-Threonine Function

Functional Feed Additives

  • It can adjust the amino acid balance in the feed to promote growth;
  • It can improve meat quality;
  • It can improve the nutritional value of feed ingredients with low amino acid digestibility;
  • It can produce low-protein feed, which helps to save protein resources;
  • It can reduce the cost of feed raw materials;
  • It can reduce the nitrogen content in livestock manure and urine.

Wide Range of Added Feed Fields

L-threonine Feed Grade can be added in piglet feed, breeding swine feed, broiler feed, sea eel feed and prawn feed .

Application feed fields for L-Threonine
Quality Standard GB/T21979-2008
Content (Dry basis): ≥98.5%
Specific Rotation°: -26.0°~ -29.0°
Loss on drying, %: ≤1.0
Residue on ignition,%: ≤0.5
Heavy metals(Based on Pb), mg/kg:≤20
Arsenic(As),mg/kg: ≤2

25kg woven bag or kraft paper bag

25kg =One bag


L-Threonine packed on pallets

Releted Products

What is the lead time for 20GP loading ?

Generally, the lead time for 20GP loading is 3-7 days. At the same time,  our plant is near to qingdao and tianjin port , can ship the goods to seaport within two days .

Can you provide with COA and MSDS of L-threonine Feed Grade ?

Sure . Contact me , they will be sent by email to you soon !

Can you make our labels on your packing ?

Certainly. Just send your labels , I will make as your requirement .

Can you transport the goods to our required seaport ?

Yes, our nearest seaport is qingdao or tianjin , and other seaports are also workable for our shipping .

Which countries are you exporting L-threonine Feed Grade to ?

Currently we are exporting this material to Brazil, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Belgium, Spain, Viet Nam, United States, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea and ect.

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