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L-Valine Feed Grade

CAS  No.:72-18-4

Molecular Weight:117.46

Molecular Formula:C5H11NO2

Purity: 98.0%Min

Annual Capacity: 5000+MT

What is L-Valine

What is L-Valine ?

L-Valine is a essential amino acid. Animals and people cannot synthesize themselves. They can be supplemented by the source of diet. Its natural food sources include grains, dairy products, shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, peanuts, soy protein and meat.

Adult men need to quantity 10mg/(kg · d). The physiological effect of the L-type is twice the D-type. Such as lack of neurological disorders, stop development, weight loss, anemia, etc. As a nutritional supplementary agent, amino acid infusion and integrated amino acid preparations can be prepared with other essential amino acids.

L-Valine has a significant improvement of milk production of sows during milk, which can indirectly increase the daily weight gain of piglets and can be used as feed additives.


Function in Sow Feed

L-Valineplays a role in increasing lactation in breastfeeding diets. When L-Valineis added in sow diets, the content of alanine in the plasma will increase. In order to meet the demand for glucose raw materials for mammary tissue, the amount of lactation will increase. L-Valine also has a very important role in the development of breasts. The required amount of L-Valine is higher than the recommended amount of breeding standards and is related to the level of lysine. Adding lysine to lactating sin pigs can improve the quality of protein in the protein, but it also causes lack of L-Valine, which will affect the milk production of sow and the weight of piglets. When the lysine content in the feed exceeds 0.8%, L-Valine becomes the first restricted amino acid.

Commonly Recommended ration is 0.3%



L-Valine function in sow feed
Quality Standard
Appearance White crystalline or crystalline powder
Odor Odorless, slightly sweet and bitter
Content (Dry basis): ≥98.0%
Specific Rotation°: +26.0°~ +29.0°
Loss on drying, %: ≤0.5
Residue on ignition,%: ≤0.5
PH(1%aqueous solution): 4.5-7.0
As,mg/kg: ≤2
Pb,mg/kg: ≤5
Cd,mg/kg: ≤2
Hg,mg/kg: ≤0.1
Salmonella(25g specimen),cfu/25g Absent




25kg=One bag


L-Valine packed on pallets

Releted Products

What is the lead time for 20GP loading ?

Generally, the lead time for 20GP loading is 3-7 days. At the same time,  our plant is near to qingdao and tianjin port , can ship the goods to seaport within two days .

Can you provide with COA and MSDS of L-threonine Feed Grade ?

Sure . Contact me , they will be sent by email to you soon !

Can you make our labels on your packing ?

Certainly. Just send your labels , I will make as your requirement .

Can you transport the goods to our required seaport ?

Yes, our nearest seaport is qingdao or tianjin , and other seaports are also workable for our shipping .

Which countries are you exporting L-threonine Feed Grade to ?

Currently we are exporting this material to Brazil, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Belgium, Spain, Viet Nam, United States, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea and ect.

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