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Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid

Chemical name: L-(+)-Lactic Acid

CAS Number: 79-33-4; 50-21-5 (general CAS number)

Molecular Weight: 90.08

Molecular Formula:C3H6O3

Description: slight yellowish to colorless, syrupy and hygroscopic liquid with slightly acid odor.

HS Code: 29181100

Lactic Acid Uses

Lactic Acid Uses

With the progress of human society, L-lactic acid has been gradually integrated into people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, and become a closely related and essential part of daily life. In the future, its application scope will break through the traditional field and become more and more extensive, and the extended market demand will be more and more. L-lactic acid is mainly used in food, medicine, cosmetics, tobacco and so on.

  • In Food Industry: mainly used in candy, drinks (such as beer, wine and lactic acid drinks) and other food processing industry, as acid and taste regulator, known as the absolute safety of food additives. In addition, it can also be used for processing and preservation of cool drinks and vegetables.
  • In Pharmaceutical Industry: L-lactic acid is an important medical intermediate, can be used for the production of erythromycin Ringer’s liquid infusion, L-calcium lactate, L-sodium lactate, L-zinc lactate, L-ferrous lactate and other drugs can also be used as operating room, ward, laboratory disinfectant.
  • In Cosmetics Industry : L-lactic acid can be used as moisturizing agent, moisturizing agent, skin renewal agent, PH regulator, acne agent, tooth scaling agent.
  • In Pesticide Industry: L-lactic acid has high biological activity, non-toxic and harmless to crops and soil, can be used for the production of new environmental pesticides, in Japan, the United States and other developed countries have been vigorously promoted.
  • In Tobacco Industry: L-lactic acid adding can improve the quality of tobacco, and maintain the humidity of tobacco;
  • In Leather Manufacturing: L-lactic acid can make leather soft and fine, so as to improve the quality of leather;
  • In Textile Industry:  L-lactic acid can be used to treat fiber, can make it easy to color, increase luster and soft touch.
  • In other Industry : In addition to the above uses, L-lactic acid can also be used to produce biodegradable plastics – polylactic acid and green solvent – L methyl lactate, L lactate ethyl ester, etc.



Indexes Food Grade Excellent Grade High Pure
Sterochemical purity (L- isomer) Min 97% Min 97% Min 97%
Content 80% ~ 92% 80% ~ 92% 80%~92%
Color, fresh 50-150APHA Max 50APHA Max 50APHA
Sulphate Max 50ppm Max 10ppm Max 10ppm
Chloride Max 20ppm Max 10ppm Max 10ppm
Sulphated ash Max 0.1% Max 0.05% Max 0.05%
Iron Max 10ppm Max 10ppm Max 10ppm
Total heavy metals Max 10ppm Max 10ppm Max 10ppm
Lead Max 0.5ppm Max 0.5ppm Max 0.5ppm
Arsenic Max 3ppm Max 1ppm Max 1ppm
Mercury Max 1ppm Max 1ppm Max 1ppm
Cyanide Max 5ppm Max 1ppm Max 1ppm
Limit of citric, oxalic, phosphoric

and tartaric Acid

 Pass test Pass Test Pass Test
Reducing sugars Pass test Pass test Pass test


25kg drum

250kg drum

1200kg IBC

23mt Flexitank

25mt ISO-Tank

Any quantity is workable


Lactic Acid in container

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Lactic Acid Expiration Date

From manufacturing date, Lactic Acid can be valided for two years .

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