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  • Polyimide Resin manufacturer China
  • Polyimide Resin in 25kg bag
  • Polyimide Resin manufacturer China
  • Polyimide Resin in 25kg bag

Polyimide Resin Powder

CAS No.: 62929-02-6

Molecular Weight: 897.76

Molecular Formula: C34H54Cl2N10O14

Appearance: yellow superfine powder

Purity: 99%

Features and Function

  • Used as a bond for diamond grinding wheel, high speed heavy load resin grinding wheel and strong grinding resin grinding wheel, it has excellent heat resistance, wear resistance, good melting fluidity, good wetting and bonding properties for abrasive, convenient forming and processing, good process.
  • As a high temperature resistant polymer and resin based high performance composite matrix resin, it is also widely used in aviation/aerospace, electrical/electronics, locomotive, automobile, precision machinery and automatic office machinery, etc. Suitable for the preparation of high (low) temperature resistant solid self-lubricating materials, precision mechanical parts, all kinds of bearings, washers, sealing rings, radar equipment, molded products and paint, adhesive and electrical insulation board, insulation tube, transformer coil insulation layer, coil holder high performance electrical insulation materials and other products.
Appearance Yellow superfine powder
Density 1.3/cm³
Content ≥99%
Ma Gong heat-resisting temperature 260℃
The average particle size 30~40um
Softening point 110~130℃
Curing temperature 220~230℃
Water imbibition 0.2~0.3%
Bending strength >1000MPa
Storage period >12 months

25kg per bag


Any quantity is workable



Polyimide Resin package

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