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  • Sodium 4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonate Manufacturer China

Sodium 4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonate

CAS  No.:825-90-1; 10580-19-5

Other Name: 4-Phenolsulfonic acid, sodium salt

Molecular Weight:196.16

Molecular Formula:C6H5NaO4S

Purity: 99.00%Min Anhydrous, 99.00Min Dihydrate

HS Code: 29071990

Annual Capacity: 5000+MT

Physical Properties and Uses

Sodium 4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonate, white crystalline powder, soluble in water, alcohol and glycerol.Sodium 4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonate is an important intermediate in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical industry

Quality Standard (Anhydrous)
Description White powder
Assay  % ≥99
Chloride (as Cl ) % ≤0.02
Sulphate (as SO4 ) ≤0.5
Iron (as Fe ) ≤0.002
Heavy metals (as Pb ) ≤0.002
Insoluble matter ≤0.01
Loss on drying ≤2

25kg per bag

50kg per drum

25kg=One bag

Loading quantity in 20’GP is 16MT with pallets

Sodium 4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonate Package

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Is Sodium 4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonate classified as dangerous goods ?

No. Sodium 4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonate  is common chemicals without dangerousness.

What is the highest purity that you can provide ?

The highest purity of our Sodium 4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonate is not less than 99%, and actual testing result can be up to 99.7%.

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