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Sodium Percarbonate

Sodium Percarbonate

CAS No.: 15630-89-4

Molecular Weight: 314.021

Molecular Formula: 2Na2CO3·3H2O2

Active Oxygen: 13.5%Min(Uncoated); 13%Min(Coated)

Harzard Class: 5.1, UN:3378

HS Code: 28369990

Sodium Percarbonate Uses


  • It is an environmentally friendly,high-performance low-temperature oxygen bleaching agent , and is widely used in industry as well as in daily life ;
  • It is increasingly replacing sodium perborate for uses in detergent , bleaching powder, wood floor cleaner, carpet cleaner and other household and personal care products;
  • It also has function as a disinfector , oxygenation agent , and is utilized in industrial waste water treatment, sterilization, and first-aid ;
  • As oxygenation agent in aquaculture;
  • As Pulp bleaching agent for the paper industry;
  • As bleaching agent and dyeing agent in the textile industry.



Items Specification
Uncoated Coated
Active oxygen, % ≥13.5 ≥13.0
Bulk density, g/l 700-1100 700-1100
Moisture, % ≤2.0 ≤2.0
Iron(Fe) % ≤0.0015 ≤0.0015
PH(3%aqueous solution, 20ºC) 10-11 10-11

25kg per woven bag,  25MT/20’FCL

1000kg per jumbo bag , 22MT/20’FCL

1100kg per jumbo bag, 22MT/20’FCL

1200kg per jumbo bag, 24MT/20’FCL



25kg=One bag

The room temperature is below 40°C and the relative humidity is kept below 75%.

Take care against moisture and rain. Keep the container sealed and make sure the label is intact. When handling, light loading and unloading should be carried out to prevent damage to packaging and containers, and pay attention to maintaining normal pressure discharge of containers. It should not be transported in rainy weather.

It should be stored separately from inflammable or combustible materials, reducing agents, sulfur, phosphorus, and avoid mixed storage and transportation. Avoid contact with other substances that may cause decomposition of the product.

sodium percarbonate package

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What is Sodium Percarbonate ?

Sodium percarbonate, is a kind of inorganic compound, is a strong oxidant, the chemical formula is 2Na2CO3·3H2O2, for the white crystalline powder, in the event of tide can release oxygen. Sodium percarbonate is the addition compound of hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate, mainly used as bleach and oxidant, as well as chemical, paper, textile, dyeing and finishing, food, medicine, health and other departments of decontamination, cleaning agent, bactericide.

Sodium Percarbonate Toxicity

Sodium percarbonate has a strong corrosive, thermal decomposition produces oxygen, aggravate the combustion of flammable materials, dissolved in water after the release of hydrogen peroxide and soda ash.

Keep away from combustible material;

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice;

Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection;

Contact with combustible material may cause fire;

Harmful if swallowed;

Irritating to eyes and skin.

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