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Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum is a kind of microbial exopolysaccharide with widely function.

  • Emulsifier
  • Stabilizer
  • Gel Thickener
  • Impregnating compound
  • Membrane Shaping Agent
  • Suspending Agent

What is Xanthan Gum ?

Xanthan Gum is made from Xanthomnas campestris and carbohydrate such as corn starch by fermentation engineering. It has unique fluidity, good water -soluble, stability of heat and acid and alkali, and good compatibility with a variety of salt. It is used in more than 20 industries such as food, oil, and medicine. It is currently the largest production scale in the world and extremely widely used microbial polysaccharides.

Xanthan Gum is light yellow to white flowing powder, with a slight smell. It is easy to dissolve in cold, hot water, the solution is neutral, frozen and frozen, and insoluble in ethanol. In case of water dispersion and emulsification, it becomes stable hydrophilic viscosity.

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The Features of Xanthan Gum

Property of Suspension and Emulsifying

Xanthan Gum has a good suspension effect on insoluble solids and oil droplets.

Good Water Solubility

Xanthan Gum can also be dissolved in cold water. It has good water solubility and has a strong hydrophilicity.

Thickening Property

The viscosity of xanthan gum solution at low concentration is also very high, and it is an efficient thickener.


The relationship between shearing action and viscosity are totally malleable. The pseudoplasticity is very outstanding.

Stability for Temperature

The viscosity of xanthan gum will not change greatly with changes in temperature.

The Stability for Acid and Alkali

Xanthan gum solution is very stable on the acid and alkali, and the viscosity is hardly affected at different PH value.

The Stability for Salt

Xanthan Gum solution can be dissolved with many salt solutions, and the viscosity is not affected.

The Stability for Enzymatic Hydrolysis

The stable double helix structure of xanthan gum is with extremely strong anti-oxidation and anti-oxidation performance.

How To Use Xanthan Gum ?

Xanthang Gum has a strong hydrophilicity. When it enters the water, its outermost layer is in contact with water, and immediately absorb a lot of water, so that the volume expansion to form rubber balls, prevent other water from entering the inner layer. In thi case , xanthan gum cannot come into its roles .. The right using method is very important .

Take a part of the Xanthan Gum with ten or more other dry raw materials, such as sugar, monosodium glutamate and other objects in food production, and then slowly pour in the stirred water, and continue to stir until completely dissolved.

Xanthan Gum using methed
Xanthan Gum identification

How to Identify the Purity of Xanthan Gum ?

In some of the xanthan gum products, due to the poor process control, a large amount of starch is residual, resulting in low purity of xanthan gum. In order to increase viscosity and reduce costs, guar gum and other ingredients were added to xanthan gum. The following method can effectively identify the quality of xanthan gum.

* The method of identifying guar gum in xanthan gum:

Match xanthan gum into a 1% aqueous solution, observe the solution state after being soaked, stirred, detect the viscosity, and then add 1%borax. The solution of xanthan gum with guar gum added will form clumps . When detecting viscosity, the viscosity will increase greatly.

* The method of adding or residual starch in xanthan gum:

Match the xanthan gum into a 1%aqueous solution,then observe the solution state after being soaked, stirred, and then drip into 2 to 4 drops of iodine solution reagents into the aqueous solution. If the solution turns blue , that means s large amount of starch is residual or a large amount of starch is added.

The above methods are for reference.


Food Certificate:

xanthan gum food certification

Applications and Dosage

Xanthan gum in food uses
Xanthan Gum in Food

Xanthan Gum is widely used as a stabilizer, suspension, emulsifier, thickener, adhesive, etc. in the fields of beverages, ice cream, baked foods, condiments, jelly, canned food, seafood, meat processing and other fields.

Applied Fields Dosage % Effect
fruit drink 0.1-0.3 Thickening and suspending function, achieving smooth and fresh taste, natural flavor.
ice cream 0.1-0.3 Microporous,free of ice,shorten ageing time and make product tissue finer and smoother.
Soy sauce,

oyster sauce

0.05-0.1 Good salt tolerance,adding consistence, be appropriate for making sauce, |enhance wall hanging and adhesiveness
Frozen desserts 0.1-0.2 Bound water,generate consistence and tenderness,prevent dehydration
Baked food 0.5-1.5 Fruit filling forming, be appropriate for various kinds of filling
Gel 0.5-1.5 Sweet food gel,seasoning,jelly forming
Soft drinks 0.01-0.3 Suspending agent,foaming aids,no delaminating,increasing consistence
Salad dressings 0.1-0.3 be beneficial to forming and preventing bleeding water
instant noodles 0.2-0.3 Increase toughness, improve chew feeling, save fuel consumption and maintain moisture
Sausage 0.2-0.3 Be beneficial to forming, sausage, maintain moisture and oiliness
Canned meat 0.1-0.2 Be convenient for adjusting flavor and jellying soup
Canned meat 0.1-0.2 Be convenient for adjusting flavor and jellying soup
Cheese 0.2-0.5 Accelerate curding,prevent syneresis
Cake 0.1-0.3 Increase micropores,make cake fluffy,lengthen the shelf-life
bread 0.1-0.2 Fluffy,favorite for black bread containing coarse-fiber
Dehydrated food 0.2-0.4 Accelerate recovery speed,keep color and flavor
xanthan gum in cosmetic and toothpaste uses
Xanthan Gum in Personal Care and Oral Care

Xanthan Gum is a good surface active substance and has the effects of antioxidant and preventing skin aging. It is applied to most high -end cosmetics. In addition, Xanthan gum can be used as thickener in the toothpaste to reduce the surface wear of the teeth.

Applied Fields Dosage % Effect
Cosmetic 0.2-1.0 Setting agent, suspending agent, humectants; with function of thickening, sticking, lubrication action.
Toothpaste 0.4-0.6 be liable to pasty fluid molding of toothpaste,improve the attaching and brushing performance, make it with good dispersivity and smooth and fresh taste.
Xanthan Gum in Medicine Uses
Xanthan Gum in Pharmaceuticals

Xanthan Gum can be used as an ingredient in the microcapsule drug capsule to play a role in controlling the slow release of the drug.

Applied Fields Dosage % Effect
Pharmaceuticals 0.2-1.0 Setting agent, suspending agent, humectants; with function of thickening, sticking, lubrication action.
xanthan gum in petroleum uses
Xanthan Gum in Petroleum Industry

In the petroleum industry, due to its strong pseudo -plasticity, the low -concentration of Xanthan Gum (0.5%) aqueous solution can maintain the viscosity of the drilling fluid and control its flowing performance. Therefore, the viscosity of the drill head at a high -speed rotation is extremely small, saving power; However, it keeps high viscosity at the relatively static drilling area, thereby preventing the wall from collapse. And because of its excellent salt resistance and heat resistance, it is widely used in drilling in special environments such as ocean and high -salt regions, and can be used as petroleum-removing petroleum -repellent to reduce the petroleum area and increase the petroleum collection rate.

Applied Fields Dosage % Effect
Petroleum industry 0.2-0.4 Be with good rheological behavior, itis the top-quality stabilizer for drilling fluid
xanthan Gum in Beverage Uses
Xanthan Gum in other Industries
Applied Fields Dosage % Effect
Canned pet food 0.1-0.3 Make the meat liable to solidification and forming
Fish and shrimp feed 0.5-2.0 Adhesive,be applied in feed for fish and shrimp seed,fish medicine
Petroleum industry 0.2-0.4 Be with good rheological behavior, itis the top-quality stabilizer for drilling fluid
Cut tobacco 0.1-0.3 Prevent tobacco smash, be used as tobacco spice emulsifier, humectants and adhesive,be suitable for tobacco sheet
Printing and dyeing 0.5-1.5 color carrier,adhesive;be convenient for pigment dispersing,coloring and color increasing
Porcelain 0.3-1.0 Be appropriate for suspension stabilizer of ceramic glaze
Pesticide 0.1-0.3 Be appropriate for pesticide colloidal suspension agent;be with good stability
Colloid explosive 0.5-2.0 Pulpiness,colloid,waterproof explosive
Water-soluble paint 0.2-0.3 Be appropriate for water-soluble paint,emulsion paint;it is with good stability and is liable to spraying
Other industries food 1.0-2.0 Be with good tenacity and gloss;free of rupture and scaling
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Xanthan Gum vs Guar Gum ?

Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum are two similar gums, but they are different in many aspects, including ingredients, texture, and costs. Xanthan Gum is obtained by fermentation of corn. Guar Gum is extracted from the embryo of the beanic plant, and its place of origin is in Pakistan and India. In baking food, Xanthan Gum is more likely to produce fluffy baked goods than Guar Gum. In terms of price, Guar Gum is cheaper than Xanthan Gum.

Is your xanthan gum Halal, right ?

Yes, our product have been certified by Halal .

What is xanthan gum formula ?

Is xanthan gum suitable for vegan ?

Yes, because the raw materials are from plants and do not use animal -related materials and processes.

What is MOQ ?

Our minimum order quantity is one bag (25kg). This quantity can be shipped by air , courier or sea .

Can you accept payment at usance ?

Currently we provide many clients with usance payment , such as LC30/60/90, OA/30/60/90 and ect.

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